Inec Shrouded in secrecy the mysterious Mr YellowBelly may or may not turn up this May!

Shrouded in secrecy the mysterious Mr YellowBelly may or may not turn up this May!

Meet Mr. YellowBelly, Head Brewer, YellowBelly Beer

Disclaimer: The following information may or may not be true. The information we have about Mr. YellowBelly is often shrouded in mystery and rumour.

When was the company Founded / By Whom

Mr. YellowBelly owned the Simon Lambert & Sons Tavern in Wexford, and rumours has it, that one night while digging down into the earth beneath the building in the search of pure spring water, he discovered a cavern fit for a brewery. This is where the initial YellowBelly Brewery stands to this day. Date unknown.
How did you become a Brewer?

Upon his travels, YellowBelly discovered an ancient library, where upon its dusty shelves, he found a recipe book that had been created by the Gods of Google. This concreted his ambition to become a brewer and knew he would use it one day for his own beers.
How was it Developed/Grown?
Having traveled around the world, and through time and space, YellowBelly collected brewing knowledge and recipes from the people he met, and the situations he found himself in. Building on this knowledge, YellowBelly recently completed works on a new brewery, located on a cliff overlooking the city of Wexford.

How many products do you currently produce and what are they?
YellowBelly brews only Lager & Citra Pale Ale regularly. After this, he produces a new beer every week which pours at his Tavern, Simon Lambert & Sons, and other fine establishments throughout the land.
Which beer was your first craft beer?
To try? From a Well in Cork. Also, once as a Captain during the Franco-Prussian War, YellowBelly brewed something similar to Guinness in his sock using ingredients foraged from the trenches. Untapped rating of 1/5.

What is you most recent product development?
Gluten-Free Beer. Lol. Just kidding.
How do you decide on new beers to brew?
YellowBelly spins his “Wheel of Styles” and then decides what to brew based on his ingredients stocks. If he’s running low on something in particular, he contacts Amazon, or hops in his Time Machine. (Did we mention his Time Machine?)

What’s the style most fun to brew?
YellowBelly Beer.

If there were a beer that you could brew with no regards to cost or production or sales, what would it be and why?

YellowBelly already has a disregard for cost, production or sales.

If you’re not drinking your own beer, what’s your favourite to drink?

Gyspy Brewing Warriors, such as Otterbank the Furry, Whiplash the Innocent, and Storm Crow the Wicklow.
What’s your favourite food to eat with beer?
Spice Bag.

What are the biggest impediments to the growth of craft beer?

H-Corp and other evil corporations trying to pass off their mass produced swill as Irish Beer.
Which other brewery has inspired you the most?  Why?

The Brewing Druids from the Well in Cork.
What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone who thinks they want to get into the craft beer industry?

Don’t get into a rivalry with your inter dimensional counterpart. It will only lead to lead to you hunting him down through time in space to retrieve stolen recipes.

Are you looking forward to our Festival this month?
We’ll be there with YellowBells on…

Where can someone find your beers?

Nationwide. Tweet our Brewery Robot @yellowbellybeer for the closest location.

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