Inec ‘PADDY’ – The Musical Drama – featuring Tommy Fleming comes to the INEC Killarney on October 1st

‘PADDY’ – The Musical Drama – featuring Tommy Fleming comes to the INEC Killarney on October 1st

Theatre shows come and go but ‘PADDY’ is here to stay.

Stand by for a simply outstanding night of theatre as ‘PADDY’ – a powerful and action-packed musical/drama – starring Internationally-renowned singer Tommy Fleming tours Ireland this September.

‘PADDY’ is set between rural Ireland and London city between the years of 1964 and 1988 and tracks the life of an Irish emigrant called Patrick Murphy (Tommy Fleming) who leaves his home in Mayo to head to the bright lights of London city to work on a building site.

He leaves behind a heart-broken mother and his childhood sweetheart with a promise to return home once his fortune is made.  Like thousands of Irish men before him Patrick struggles to come to terms with the bright lights of London city and the various twists and turns of the life of an emigrant are exposed in all its forms.

He strikes up a close friendship with an old man called Paddy ‘The Shovel’ Kennedy (Gerry Carney) who lives in a dingy damp flat in London and who bears all the scars of a man who is burdened with regret having lived a life of hard work, little pay and an over-reliance on alcohol.

From the outset old Paddy does his best to steer young Patrick away from the temptations of city life but can only watch as Patrick becomes a mirror-image of his own life.

‘PADDY’ tells the true story of emigration through a combination of powerful drama scenes that are spiced up with emotion, comedy and reality.  Add to the mix 12 beautifully crafted songs, a stunning set design and a gripping finale audiences are in for a night of compelling theatre and music.

With an experienced cast and numerous emotive scenes ‘PADDY’ pays a long overdue tribute to the many Irish men who worked tirelessly to make ‘the few bob’ to send home to their Irish loved ones.  Some succeeded but many failed to come to terms with life in the concrete jungle of London city and shame prevented many of them from ever returning home to their beloved Ireland.

See this spectacular show in the INEC Killarney on October 1st.  Tickets onsale NOW