Inec High Kings make a return on Easter Sunday, April 16th 2017

High Kings make a return on Easter Sunday, April 16th 2017

THE HIGH KINGS are the true heirs of Ireland’s folk heritage, and feature the
multi-talented Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy, Martin Furey and Darren
Holden. From their inception in 2008, it was clear that these individuals were
more than capable of making a very special new collective sound, as well as
giving Ireland’s most loved folk ballads a brand new contemporary makeover.
Now approaching their tenth anniversary, THE HIGH KINGS are considered to be one of
the finest live exponents of Irish Folk and Ballad music, and have performed to sell-out
audiences in the USA,UK, Germany and of course their native Ireland.
THE HIGH KINGS grew up in households soaked in the Irish Musical Tradition and each
member of the band witnessed first hand the power of well crafter Irish music on an
To date the band have released three studio albums and two live collections, with 2016
earmarked for a new studio album and a global release in early Summer.
During their high-octane live sets, fans can expect to hear all the popular live favourites
from their vast collection of songs from the treasured heritage that it Irish Folk Music.
Audience participation is always a must!