Perfect Christmas Gift Idea Inec Muckross Road Killarney Co.Kerry Ireland V93V6WF 2019-12-01

About Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Give your loved one the perfect give this Christmas with an INEC gift voucher for one of our many events!!


Wednesday 18th December 2019
Vladimir's Viennese Christmas - 18/12/19
Vladimir's Viennese Christmas - 18/12/19
Wednesday 18 th December 2019
Vladimir’s Viennese Christmas Wednesday 18th December 2019 Venue: INEC Killarney Doors: 7pm...
Saturday 19th December 2020
Talos - 21/12/19
Talos - 21/12/19
Saturday 19 th December 2020
Talos Saturday, 21st December 2019 Venue: INEC Acoustic Club Doors: 8pm |...

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We are committed to improving access for visitors to the INEC. Not only do we incorporate all legislative requirements for accessibility, we also have taken additional steps to convert a number of bedrooms on the ground floor of the on-site Gleneagle Hotel to ensure that they are fully wheelchair accessible.

We are now listed on the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) website and have welcomed groups from both Caring for Carers Ireland and the IWA. The INEC & Killarney Convention Centre has also hosted the Caring for Carers Ireland conference on a number of occasions.

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