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Beoir Beer Awards 2017

The league of extraordinary Beer drinkers in the guise of Beoir Ireland host their annual awards programme exclusively at Killarney Beerfest.
With over eight categories including a Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland.
The Awards are open to all Irish Breweries North and South and judges hale from independent Beer consumer groups lead by Reuben Gray of Beoir, CAMRA and EBCU members.
This year the overall winning beer wins the opportunity to Brew an Exclusive Craft Beer for Carry Out Licence!
Carry Out Off Licence 2017 Festival sponsor offered a unique opportunity to brew a Craft Beer complete with a full promotional campaign for one of Ireland’s leading Off Licences.
The 2017 winning Beer and recipient of this fantastic prize is 200 Fathoms from  The Galway Bay Brewing company.
How to Enter

Entry closed for the 2017 Beoir Awards. Congratulations to all the Winners!

The Killarney Beer Awards are open to brewers on the island of Ireland only. If you are not sure if your product qualifies, do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate it is a rapidly evolving and innovative product market.


All Killarney Beer Awards entries must be commercially available, fermented malt beverages, conforming to the trade understanding of “beer”, brewed by a permitted commercial brewery. “Commercially available” means available for retail sale at the time of registration.


Beers may be entered under the  styles of beers as recorded by the BJCP. These styles and substyles will then be ordered in to the 8 basic style categories for competition purposes.


Judging Process

All judges have been organised by Beoir. They will be independent of any brewery, or where a judge has a tie to a particular brewery, they will not be judging their own beer. All judges will be experienced beer tasters, beer writers, qualified judges (BJCP, Sommelier, Cicerone), experienced world beer competition judges. Many will be members of independent beer consumer groups around Europe such as Beoir, CAMRA and other EBCU member groups. Less experienced judges will be paired with senior, more experienced judges.

For a full list of the rule and regulations please visit
For a complete guide on the terms & conditions for the awards and the please email
International Judges

Melissa Cole Living the beer dream, not only does she write & broadcast extensively about the world’s favourite drink, Melissa has been invited to judge at beer competitions from London to Italy and Amsterdam to America, having built a reputation as having a fine palate and fun approach to all things brewed. She is lead partner in London’s only dedicated beer tasting business, lovebeer@borough in Borough Market, and has finally finished her début book on beer: Let Me Tell You About Beer: A Beginner’s Guide to All Things Brewed. She is also London’s leading exponent of corporate tastings and beer experiences, with everything from 10 cover high-end beers matched dinners for senior executives of blue chip companies to themed canapé receptions for 300 delegates under her belt. Melissa was also named one of the Most Powerful Women in the Drinks Industry by Channel4 Food.

André Brunnsberg A native of Helsinki, Finland André has been writing about beer in several magazine publications and actively brews at home. André has been judging beer for the last ten years both in Finland and abroad in Sweden, Ireland and Austria and is often traveling around Europe on a hunt for the perfect beer!

Carl Kins Has been European Beer Consumers Union  Executive member since 2009, beer judge (since 2004) at most major international competitions such as World Beer Cup, European Beer Star, Brussels Beer Challenge, Great American Beer Festival as well as a Beer writer for Belgian, Italian and US magazines.

Des De Moor One of the UK’s leading beer writers, author of award-winning book The CAMRA Guide to London’s Best Beer, Pubs and Bars, compiler of the UK listings for the Pocket Beer Guide and a longstanding regular contributor to BEER magazine. His writing has appeared in numerous other places including Time Out, Beers of the World and the book 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die. He hosts tutored tastings, gives talks and presentations, leads beer-themed walks and has judged beer competitions in the UK, USA and several other countries. Visit Des’s beer website at or follow him on Twitter @desdemoor.

Tim Webb Tim Webb writes The World Atlas of Beer (Octopus Books: 2nd edition September 2016), with Canadian author Stephen Beaumont.  He is also a member of the Executive of the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), which presents the beer consumer at the European level

Jan Lichota. With a longtime experience as a beer lawyer, Jan has also devoted his time to beer judging at national contests in Austria, Brazil and Italy as well as internationally recognised competitions such as the European Beer Star and Brussels Beer Challenge. He’s a reporter for various magazines in Belgium, Denmark, Spain and his native Poland. He also shares his beer knowledge and experience at life sciences universities in Kraków and Wroclaw. Working in tourism today. he finds a new beer discovery every day. Jan currently serves as the External Affairs Officer on the EBCU executive

Irish Judges

Reuben Gray
Founding member of Beoir in 2010 Reuben has been writing about beer since 2008 starting with his blog: and he has been serving as Chairman of Beoir since 2013. Reuben is a delegate to the European Beer Consumers’ Union for Beoir. Reuben can sometimes be heard on the radio talking about beer as well as writing for a number of publications. He is also the publishing editor of Beoir magazine. Reuben is a BJCP certified judge and often judges in competitions both amateur and commercial. Reuben also organises the Killarney Beer Awards.

Andrew Moore
Joined Irish Craft Brewer in early 2010, founding member of Beoir in 2010

Steve Lamond
Has been involved in tutored tasting sessions at CAMRA beer festivals. Writer of He is also the Beoir Regional Representative Officer for the North East.

Sara Breitenfeldt
Sara is one of the founding members of Beer Ireland, and served as Programme Director from 2012-2014. She has been awarded the General Certificate in Brewing and completed Beer Sommelier training through Skillnets and the IBD. She is currently working in the beverage industry.

Kevin Walsh
Store Manager at The Beer Store London

Giacomo Rizzo

Thomas Carroll
A member of Beoir Regional Representative Officer for the Northwest.

Brendan Murphy
National Homebrew Club

Barry Flanagan
Manager at Lock 13 Craft Beer House & Gastropub & Flanagan’s Mill Pub

Wayne Dunne

Beer blogger and pod caster on Wayne is the craft beer editor for

John Duffy
Founding member of Beoir in 2010 John  joined Irish Craft Brewer shortly after it was founded in 2007 and helped steer its transformation into Beoir. He has served as Beoir’s treasurer since 2010 and attends meetings of the European Beer Consumers Union on its behalf. John has been writing a blog about beer called The Beer Nut since 2005 and has contributed to books such as the CAMRA Good Beer Guide, Irish Craft Beers: Origins, Styles & Breweries and 1001 Beers You Must Try before You Die.

Judith Boyle
Judith Boyle is a 5th generation publican and scientist. She is beer maker and accredited beer sommelier (there are just over 100 worldwide) and is one half of Two Sisters Brewing. Alongside her sister Susan they make Brigid’s Ale which they sell from their family pub, Boyle’s in Kildare. She has combined science and beer to create delicious beer ice cream using dry ice which wowed capacity audiences at the Electric Picnic Theatre of Food. With her sister Susan, Judith writes an in depth weekly beer article which is published in the Leinster Leader. Keep up with her @missjudithboyle on twitter:

Jacqueline Stedman

Food and beverage consultant/educator at

Speakers / Stewards

Eoin Layton

John Madden

Kellie Dawson
Kellie Dawson has been stewarding beer competitions for a number of years and has gained particular acclaim as the lead steward at the National Homebrew Club National competitions. Without Kellie, beer competitions might descend into chaos. She keeps everything running smoothly and ensures that judges remain impartial and uninfluenced. A judge can always be replaced but a lead steward can’t so Kellie has the most important job in any competition she is involved in.


Beoir is an independent group of consumers with a primary goal of supporting and raising awareness of Ireland’s native independent microbreweries. You can learn more about Beoir here.

2015 Champion Beers

Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland 2015
James Brown Brews Chocolate Orange Stout

Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland First Runner Up 2015
Kinnegar Brewing Black Bucket

Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland Second Runner Up 2015
O Brother Brewing The Chancer

Specially Commended 2015

  • Torc Brewing Wheat Beer
  • Radikale Pale Ale
  • Glens Of Antrim Fairhead Gold Irish Craft Lager
  • Carrig Rowers Red Ale
2015 Category Winners

Pale ale

  • O Brother Brewing The Chancer
  • Kinnegar Brewing Scraggy Bay
  • Killarney Brewing Company

Belgian style ale

  • Hillstown Spitting Llama
  • Blackdonkey Brewing Sheep Stealer
  • Kinnegar Brewing Company Swingle Tree

Dark ale

  • Torc Brewing Amber Ale
  • St Mels Brewing Brown Ale
  • O Brother Brewing The Fixer


  • Trouble Brewing Remiz Lager
  • Carrig Brewing Pilsner
  • Jack Codys Puck Pilsner

Porter & Stout

  • James Brown Brews Chocolate Orange Stout
  • Jack Codys Hail Glorious St Patrick
  • Kinnegar Brewing Yanna Roddy

Wheat beer

  • Elbow Lane Arrow Weisse
  • Hillstown Brewery Goats Butt
  • Franciscan Well

Specialty beer

  • Kinnegar Brewing Black Bucket
  • 9 Whitedeer Brewing Black Lightening IPA
  • Blackdonkey Brewing Buck it
2016 Champion Beers

Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland 2016

Kinnegar Brewing Flying Saucer


Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland First Runner Up 2016

Trouble Brewing – Stakeout

Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland Second Runner Up 2016

The White Hag Brewery  – Púca

Specially Commended

  • Two Sisters Brewing – Bridgid’s Ale
  • O Brother Brewing – The Fixer
  • Risingsons Brewery – Sunbeam
  • White Hag – Barrel Aged Black Boar Speciality wood aged in an oatmeal scotch whiskey barrel
2016 Category Winners

Pale ale

  • Yellowbelly Brewery– Yellow Belly American Pale Ale
  • Killarney Brewing – Killarney IPA
  • Farmageddon Brewing Co-Op – Farmageddon IPA

Belgian Style Ale

  • Killarney Brewing Company – Spailpín Saison
  • O Brother Brewing – Huck Saison
  • Rising Sons Brewery – Mayhem

Dark Ale

  • Yellowbelly Brewery – Fierce Mild
  • JJ’s Craft – Bills Red Ale
  • Brehon Brewhouse – Killanny Red


  • St Mels Brewing – Springbock
  • Trouble Brewing – Kill Lager
  • Manor Brewing – Mont Irish Mountain Beer

Porter & Stout

  • Kinnegar Brewing – Flying Saucer
  • The White Hag Brewery – Black Boar
  • Trouble Brewing – Dark Arts Porter

Wheat Beer

  • Trouble Brewing – Stakeout
  • Kinnegar Brewing – White Rabbit
  • Hillstown Brewery – The Goat’s Butt.

Speciality Beer

  • Yellowbelly Brewing – The Passion Brewing
  • The Porterhouse Brewing Company –Louder Barley Wine
  • Rascals Brewing – Ginger Porter

Sour Beer

  • The White Hag Brewery – The Púca Dry Hopped Lemon Sour
  • Otterbank Brewing – This is Berlin/ Die Wikinger Kommen
  • Torc Brewing Company – Torc Anything Goes


  • Stonewell Cider – Esterrre Sparkling Prestige Applewine
  • Stonewell Cider – Stonewell Dry Cider New World Cider
  • Stonewell Cider – Stonewell Medium Cider New World Cider
2017 Champion Beers

Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland 2017

Galway Bay Brewery – 200 Fathoms

Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland First Runner Up 2017

The White Hag – Róc Modern Pills

Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland Second Runner Up 2017

The White Hag – 3 Black Boar Bourbon Barrel Aged

2017 Category Winners

Wheat Beer

  • Hillstown Brewery – Goats Butt
  • Franciscan Well – Friar Weisse
  • Elbow Lane – Arrow Weisse


  • Galway Bay Brewery – Two Hundred Fathoms
  • Arthurstown Brewery – Hook Baltic
  • The Porterhouse Brewing Co – Porterhouse Oyster Stout

Dark Ale

  •  Arthurstown Brewing Co – Hook Amber
  • O Brother Brewing – The Fixer
  • Achill Brewing  – Achill Dillsc Red

Belgian Style Ale

  • Boghopper – Smart Ass Saison
  •  Kinnegar Brewing –  Swingletree Saison
  • Boyne Brewhouse Saison & Killarney Brewing Company Spáilpín Saison

Sour Beer

  • The White Hag – The Púca Hibiscus & Ginger
  • 8 Degrees Brewing – Wayfarer Sour IPA
  •  Yellow Belly Beer – Castaway Passion Fruit  Stout


  • The White Hag – Roc Modern Pils
  • Achill Brewing – Achill Lagered Ale
  • Boyne Brewhouse – Vienna Lager

Specialty Beer

  • The White Hag – Black Boar Bourbon Barrel
  • Wild Bat Beer – NEIPA
  • Independent Brewing Company – Coconut Porter

Pale Ale

  • The White Hag – Little Fawn
  • O Brother Brewing – The Chancer
  • YellowBelly Brewery – Citra Pale Ale

Honourable Mentions

  • Galway Bay Brewery – Althea
  • Boyne Brewhouse – Boyne Brewhouse IPA
  • Elbow Lane – Elbow Lager
  • O Brother Brewing – Joe Coffee Porter
  • The White Hag -The Púca Hibiscus & Ginger Sour


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