INEC Acoustic Club

The INEC Acoustic CLub is an open plan space with a capacity of up to 750 depending on stage size required and seating layout requested.

Fully Seated: Up to 350
Fully Standing: Up to 720
Seated Front and Standing at back: Up to 420

All production is put in place for each event depending on clients spec so please allow a set time of 2 -6 hours depending on requirements.

Venue Spec

  • Stage size of up to 8m wide x 4m deep at 0.4m to 0.8m high
  • Stage can be completely black boxed with in house pipe and drape system.
  • This also gives the client side stage wings of 3m x 3m
  • There is a hexagonal truss running around the room which acts as 4m FOH truss wherever the main stage is positioned.
  • There are no overhead on-stage trusses or bars but a back truss can be added in if required
  • Get-in through fire exit beside stage.

In House Sound

There is a small in-built EV system for surround sound in room with 12 channel mixer for use for conference type events. This is included in room hire

  • 2 x EV Evud 6.2 Pair
  • 2 x EV Evid 12.1 Subwoofers
  • 1 x Soundcraft EFX8 console
  • 2 x Shure wireless radio mic

In the event of a larger PA being required we have the following on site which can be hired

  • Soundcraft Si Compact C32 – 4 Sound Consile
  • Pro snake MTS 3208-40 32 channels/ 8 returms
  • FOH PA 2 or 4 x Tannoy V15’s depending on number of attendees
  • 2 x Tannoy 18 inch subs
  • Monitor System: 6 x Tannoy T12’s over a 4 way mis
  • An assortment of basic microphones, Di’s and mic stands available


To hire this venue, please contact
Fiona O’Connor

00353 86 929 2622 -

For detailed technical specifications, please contact
Kieran Somers

00353 85 8273708 -